About Us

The Company History

Abu Issa Brothers Trading is a part of Blue Salon, which was started by Late Mr. Abdul Rahim Abu Issa back in 1981 .

The company which started as a small trading company doing business in various items such as photography, house hold, linen etc.  grew  very  strongly to  be  a  major trading  company  for  consumer goods. After the sad demise of Mr. Abdul Rahim Abu Issa in 1987, the company was taken over by his sons Mr. Ashraf A.R Abu Issa ably assisted by his brother Mr. Nabil A.R Abu Issa.

Realizing  the  necessity  for  a  specialized  division  to  handle technically oriented products, projects, etc. Abu Issa Brothers Trading was formed as an independent company. Today Abu Issa Brothers Trading is a well established company with a strong position in the local market in the field of Digital Cameras, Imaging Products, Okka Turkish Coffee machine, Motorola & Gigaset, Zhiyun Gimbals and  Boya Microphones.

Abu Issa Brothers Trading chaired by Mr. Nabil Abu Issa. With his clear vision he has set up ambitious goals for the company not only in the business arena, but also in offering an unmatched customer support.

Abu Issa Brothers is diversified in Various product lines are managed on a macro level by a team of product managers headed by a sales and marketing coordinator.

Our Management

The Management Philosophy

“We are committed to offer our customers world class products and total  solutions  with  an  unmatched  level  of  after  sales  service  that  will ensure our customers get the fullest benefit out of the product supplied by us.”

The Approach

In  order  to  achieve  the  above  goal  Abu  Issa  Brothers  Trading functions  collectively as  a  team and  the  team work  is  reflected  in  every activity of the organization. Each brand and their major product lines are considered  as  separate  profit  centers  within  the  company,  which  gives focus to every individual product. This not only contributes to the healthy profitability of the organization, but also justifies the commitment to our valued suppliers.

Besides  the  members  of  the  team  as  mentioned  above,  there  are showroom  managers,  logistics  in-charge  and  other  necessary  personnel who  are  empowered  to  take  day-to-day  decisions.  Details  are  as  per  the organization chart which is enclosed in the next page.